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Medicare Supplements

Medicare Supplements, also known as “Medi-gap” plans, are designed to help seniors & the disabled pay for medical treatment and services that are not covered by standard Medicare – the “gaps” in its coverage.

There are 10 different plans, identified by the letters A through J. Starting with Plan A, the number of services covered increases with each letter designation.

Preferred Insurance offers the complete spectrum of plans, choosing from a variety of companies. We understand how important and how serious this decision is for you, and we will work closely with you and your family to get you the best protection for your budget.

Our initial consultation will include:

We will give you an overview of the primary Medicare coverage plans, Medicare A and Medicare B.

We will review the new Medicare Advantage plans with you.

We will explain what each level of care, A through J, does and does not cover.

We will go over the benefits and costs for the new Medicare Part D.

We will give you exact quotes on each for Medi-gap, Medicare Advantage and Part D prescription plan available.

We will help you determine which level best suits your specific needs.


In addition to the traditional Medicare Supplement plans A through J, we also offer the new Medicare Advantage plans that include both office visit co-payments and prescription benefits. If you would like to keep your existing Medicare Supplement plan and just add prescription coverage, we can help you select a Prescription Drug Plan (PDP) under the new Medicare Part D program on a stand-alone basis. Please remember that you only have until May 15, 2006, to select a Medicare Part D prescription benefit. If you are currently covered by Medicare, and you do not elect a Part D benefit by May 15, 2006, you may have to pay a higher monthly premium as a result of being a late enrollee.

If you want to use supplements, the best option is to consult with our experts. Using these things can lead to some problems if they are being used in a wrong way. So it is a must to check with our experts before using anything. Your health is important to you and us, so it is vital to use these supplements with caution.