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Individual Health Insurance Plans

Individual plans differ significantly from a group of one (self-employed) plans and small group plans. Individual plans are not guaranteed issue, which means you can be declined or ridered. In other words, you could apply for an insurance plan and be refused. Therefore, if you have ongoing medical conditions that require regular medications or physician consultations, an individual plan may not be available to you.

The major advantages of individual plans are that they are portable, not tied to employment, and sometimes, very affordable. Individual plans tend to be less expensive than group insurance plans and self-employed groups of one. There are several reasons why they are less expensive.

Insurers can refuse you or limit the treatment of medical conditions, thus eliminating or reducing financial risk.

Individual plans do not, as a rule, cover maternity.

riskThey usually do not cover mental health or chiropractic.

The premium rates for individual plans can fluctuate wildly from one year to the next.

You need to review policy information closely for limitations and exclusions.

Who Is A Good Candidate For An Individual Plan ?

Individual plans work well for anybody in good health who does not take a large number of prescription medications.

Who benefits from individual plans?

Young College students

People who cannot afford company plans

People who cannot afford to insure their dependents under company plans.

Healthy adults who want insurance with high deductibles and low premium rates.

If you fall into any of these categories, an individual plan may work for you.

We offer a variety of plan options. We can help you build a plan that covers your insurance needs to include:

Office visits Extensive provider networks

Addiction and Recovery benefits for Colorado Drug Rehab.

Prescription coverage Affordable premiums

Wellness benefits Variety of plan options to meet your specific insurance needs

Accident benefits Dental Hospitalization Vision benefits.

As you can see, it is very important to have a policy according to your needs. We recommend having the best possible option because your health depends on it. In this modern world of diseases, you need to watch yourself, and of course, make sure you have the best health policy out there.